Fall Home Decor

By Haylee Batdorf

Fall decor is out for the season, and my heart could not be happier! I have been loving putting fall faux floral arrangements together, and Hobby Lobby had tons to choose from! Here's some fun finds I found at my local Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx.

Fall Home Decor

By Haylee Batdorf

I cannot believe that it is already November! My husband and I just moved to a new place here in Oklahoma City over the weekend, and unfortunately tested positive for COVID shortly after. Although it is draining to be sick, and we haven't felt the best, it has been nice to take time together to make our new place more "homey". I am usually an early decorator for Christmas, but I decided to keep the fall decorations for little while longer! I love to take modern pieces that are easy to substitute with seasonal items. Here are a few of my favorites! Every item pictured is from Hobby Lobby. All of my friends know that I love black and white décor, so I was super giddy when I found these pumpkins! They are easy to incorporate in any room and look so nice!

Fall Charcuterie Board

By Haylee Batdorf

If you're anything like me, you love this new charcuterie board trend! They are so fun and easy to whip up for any party or special occasion. They can truly be a show-stopper piece. Charcuterie boards can become any theme you would like! My husband and I just created this fall board this week. We added our favorite cheeses, fruit, and of course, some fall candy and goodies. Everything was purchased at Target, so it was quick, easy, and affordable! These are so fun to do with your kids, family, and friends.

Fun Fall Target Finds

By Haylee Batdorf

Let's be honest. There's nothing like a good trip to Target! I love grabbing my favorite drink from Starbucks, and strolling the aisles for however long my heart desires! My love for Target has only intensified, especially with the Magnolia collaboration. Anyone else agree?  Y'all...The seasonal décor is out, and I am not sure how long I can hold back my excitement! I wanted to show you all a couple of fun fall finds from the dollar (not-so-dollar) section. These are so great to spruce up your kitchen/coffee bar, and would make a perfect addition to your own fall décor collection!

Pumpkin Wire Basket

This cute, black, pumpkin wire basket was only $5.00, and it is the perfect basket to hold all of your fall goodies. It has a wooden bottom, so it can hold an array of items. I am currently using it as a holder for my Hobby Lobby pumpkins!

Knit Pumpkin

Okay...How cute is this?! This mid-size, knit pumpkin is light-weight and looks great on any shelf or table. This was another $5.00 find. The texture on the pumpkin makes me excited for sweater weather and all the cooler temps!

Wooden Coffee Organizer

Everyone loves easy organization, and this wooden organizer is superb for coffee lovers. This would be great for Keurig/Nespresso users! $5.00 in the dollar aisle!

Mini Pumpkin Mugs

Is it just me, or does everyone else have an insanely large coffee mug collection? Well, I will accept my addiction. These adorable mugs were only $3.00, so I had to get both colors!