MAY 2023

That's What Moms Do

By Stacee Helton

May 13, 2023

“You need to come see this”. Yesterday, my husband had stepped out the back door and quietly instructed me to take a look at what he had discovered. Not knowing what in the world I would see when I got there, I walked to the back door with a bit of apprehension. When I stepped outside, he said “look at that” and pointed to the railing, closest to the house. There, sitting atop the post was a nest with three tiny robin eggs inside. 

This nest is a thing of beauty. Each piece of straw and tiny stick has been woven to create a perfect place for this momma bird to lay her eggs… and we didn’t even know it was happening. I’ve seen nests before, but with this one being right at my eye-level, I’m able to notice more. I’m not sure that human hands could have created something more beautiful. And the three perfect little blue eggs inside look as if they were hand-placed there, for a photo op. So, of course… I had to take a picture! (I’ll attach it for you). I sent it to my daughter last night, who quickly instructed me to protect the babies, and has now asked for daily updates.

While studying the nest, I couldn’t help but think about the momma bird. She is, no doubt, close by and keeping watch on that nest, with her babies inside. Soon enough, our back porch will be filled with little chirps and frequent momma visits, as they wait patiently for their “gummy worms”. She will provide for their needs, helping them to grow and get ready for independence… ultimately pushing them out, to fly on their own. This will (quite appropriately) leave an empty nest at our house.

But that’s what moms do, right? They create a nice place to raise their babies, provide for their needs, cheer them on, and help them learn how to fly. Some of their babies are ready when that day comes, and others might need a push. No matter how hard it is to let them go, momma’s know that it must be done. And while it’s hard on our hearts to let them go, it’s also part of the master plan that even birds know how to perfectly execute. 

With our cute little nest discovery happening on Mother’s Day weekend, I’m thinking even more about my own springtime babies. We have sweet memories of bringing our daughter home a few days before Easter, and our son actually came home from the hospital on Mother’s Day. They each had eighteen years of learning how to fly, alongside us. These days, they soar on their own, and spend most of their time in Oklahoma. One of my little birds is planning a trip home today, and I will be spending time with the other one in just a few weeks! 

If you still have little birdies at home, keep on being a great momma, preparing them for life outside the nest! It really does pass very quickly. If you are getting ready for an empty nest or maybe it has recently emptied, please let me encourage you: it will get easier. It is true that things will change, but God is so good, bringing comfort when we need it. (And precious Facetime calls at just the right time, definitely help a lot!). If you’re fortunate enough to still have your mother here with you, please give her a hug, either in person or by phone! Enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day!