The Perfect Fit

By Stacee Helton

December 16, 2023

    According to my advent snowman, we have exactly 8 shopping days left until Christmas. If you’re like me, you finished up early, and saved these last weeks for last-minute ideas and of course, the gift card recipients. (I love those guys! We can’t go wrong with a gift card or money; it’s always the perfect fit, and something we know will get used). 

This year, we bought less gifts than ever. Our kids were all given money to use on our upcoming family vacation, so there were not very many presents under our tree, at all. It does feel a bit odd, but at the same time, is perfectly alright. The true meaning of Christmas isn’t about what we give and get, but about WHO we know.

Most of us know everyone on our gift list. We typically already know their favorite color, hobbies, sizes, and preferences. (And if we don’t, we can just ask them!). One exception might be the Angel Tree and Christmas Drive gifts for kids and families in need, but even then, we are usually given even a little bit of insight as to their preferences, even if it’s just a shoe or pajama size.

Knowing the recipient of the gift helps us to better select something for them that they want or need, or maybe the gift is something that we just personally want them to have. How is it that we know these people so well? Usually it is because we have some shared history, or belong to the same family or friend group. We’ve spent time with them, and have decided that we want them to have a gift. Something that tells them that we thought of them, that we love them, and that they matter. 

I hope you know that God feels that same way about us! You and I matter so much to Him, that He came to Earth in the form of a baby, (Jesus, our Emmanuel… “God with us”), so that we could have the opportunity to know Him. Ultimately, He gave us a gift that is greater than any other we could ever receive. A gift that we cannot buy for ourselves: He gave His very life, and the opportunity for us to spend eternity with Him.

The best gift we can give to Him in return, and the only thing He truly wants, is our heart. A heart full of JOY is even better! Our circumstances might not always be happy, but we can have joy in every season, because of that first gift given to us: Himself. To know that we are never alone and never without hope is reason enough to have joy! And oh… that heavenly peace that He promises. But we can only discover these things by spending time with Him, and getting to know Him… just as we know all about those other friends and family on our gift list. 

He is our gift; one that is always the perfect fit! Merry Christmas from our family, to yours!