We are a mother-daughter team; each bringing our own creative contributions TOGETHER to form a site we hope you will enjoy visiting again and again. Currently residing 500 miles apart, we love finding ways to stay connected. Enjoy our latest creation, full of fun and inspiration!


Haylee Batdorf

Hello, friends! My name is Haylee, and I am a proud Christian, wife, dog mama, and coffee lover! Currently, my husband and I live in Oklahoma, and we both work in the higher education field. I am a part-time blogger who loves photography, road-tripping, and making memories with my friends and family. I have a passion for sharing what I love with others, so I am excited that you're here!

Stacee Helton

Hi! I'm Stacee, and I'm so happy that you have joined us! I am a pastor's wife of 25+ years, a mother to 2 grown children, and I work full-time in accounting from my home in Missouri. In this new season of empty-nesting, I enjoy traveling, a good cup of coffee, putting my thoughts into words, and anything surrounding Christmas. Enjoy the site! You are welcome here!